Overview Mr. Pramod Walmandre,
Shri Mahavir Education Society

Shri Pramod Walmandre secretary of Shri Mahavir education society Nagpur, strongly believes that good education will bring about our true transformation of huge human resource of our nation.

In pursuit of Hon’ble Pramod is a social commitment a modest beginning was made by starting a small educational institute 10 years ago, which has low profile low growth put up into a huge educational organization covering almost schooling facilities at education spread all over Nagpur dist.

The educational societies promoted by Hon’ble Shri Pramod Walmandre has opened take covering various facilities like paramedical sciences. Fire safety engineering vocational education iit- jee, medical training institute as well as open schooling the societies are like a joint family of about 200 students and about 100 qualified and skilled staff. Hon’ble secretary insist on good quality of education, discipline and welfare of the student of and the staff.

All these institutions are provided highly qualified and well trained staff, laboratories, upgraded libraries ground, canteen and buses for transport of students. The result of examinations are excellent and developmental activities are a continuation process. It is the profound desire and ordered endeavor of our secretary to involve an educational process involving modern and knowledge with preservation of our cultural heritage.

Overview Mr. Shrikant Warankar,
Shri Vidyavati Deodiya Vidyalaya and junior college

Principle's Message

“A nation is built only by educated and culture youths, with determination,confidence and dedication.”

Above quote fits to young and dynamic leaders Shri Shrikant Warankar, principal of Shri Vidyavati Deodiya Vidyalaya and junior college run by Shri Mahavir education society, Nagpur. It is their preaching that technocrats and administrators have to adopt themselves. To maintain the pace with Rapidly changing technology. This basic requirement has to be understood and realize by one and all development our institution are destined to become premier educational institutes under their determined and motivated leadership.

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